Reconfiguring the Plot Archetype of Cinderella Tales in Grimm's Ashenputtel and Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella
Nur Suci Sirana; Erni Suparti, M.Ed ; Setya Ariani, M.Pd

UP Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Fairy tale is really famous all over the world. It is a simple fictional story that still alive and exist in our life. One of fairy tale stories is Cinderella. Cinderella is a classic fictional story that tells about a young beautiful girl who is mourning of her died mother. Almost in every nation and culture has its Cinderella version. These versions create another storyline from the original Cinderella storyline. It creates something creative and cultural in its storyline. Thus, there are so many books entitled Cinderella in this world. Cinderella has spread into all over the world which always appears in every nation and culture into some period. Cinderella is one of the archetypal stories. It has already been told and written in many times. Archetype can be meant as a repeating pattern to be found in all of literature. Archetype consists of character, symbol, and plot. Archetype symbol contains some symbolic icons in the work of literature. Other types of archetype are character which connects to an individual creature in every literary works. Symbol and character of archetype are alive in a story which has the pattern. This pattern is trying to explain the origins or tell the events of each story which is called as plot.
This study focuses on two books, which are Aschenputtel and Chinese Cinderella. Aschenputtel is the classic version of Cinderella story which is written by Brothers Grimm while Chinese Cinderella is the modern version of Cinderella story which is written by Adeline Yen Mah. Those books are analyzed by using archetype plot which want to find the genre of Cinderella stories for all versions. There are several significances by finding the genre of Cinderella stories. By analyzing the original genre for all Cinderella stories, a book is cannot easily entitled Cinderella and it will not create a misunderstanding or mix result for the readers. The results of these studies will show a genre of Cinderella stories for all. It will also show the result of convention and invention from Aschenputtel and Chinese Cinderella.
Key words: Cinderella, archetype, plot, genre, convention, invention.

Publikasi : UP Fakultas Ilmu Budaya(2015)(06)

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